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Water Leak Detection

How important is it for you to take preventative action?

A water leak in most cases goes undetected for hours, a minor pinhole that is only creating a mist could be days or months before it is found. At home, you might wake up one morning to find your water tank has blown a gasket and now your basement is flooded. Imagine at work you need to find a document in the basement file storage room, as you go down the stairs you begin to notice a foul odour and brown stain on the floor. You find the documents you were looking for and behold the box is water logged. The brown stain, that you noticed earlier was from the sewer back up that happened over the weekend.  In homes or businesses a water leak can cause extensive damage to your home, building, personal belongings and business assets. And in the most severe cases you might have to face the unexpected inconveniences and costs of having to relocate to a temporary location, and we still haven't mentioned the potential health hazards of mould caused by water.

If you have made any serious investment in the finishing of your home or business facilities, the damage created can cost in the tens of thousands.

Residential Applications

Here is  a typical residential application that makes Lenik water detectors are different, why wait for a puddle to form, we can detect a much smaller amount, thus reducing water damage to a minor clean up.  We can notify you by our 24 hr/ 7 day week  ULC Central Station or Text Message to your Cell Phone. We can also shut off your main water supply in the basement or we can shut off both the hot and cold water valves located underneath the sink. What we cannot control is how big the leak is.

Point Leak Detection
Sump Pump Failure
Continuous Pipe Monitoring

Burst Pipe due to Cold

We include a low temperature sensor with all our installations in an attempt to prevent this from happening to your home.

You can not flood proof your home.
All you can do is attempt to reduce the opportunity of it occurring to you.
Early detection of things that cause flooding inside a house are important, such as the temperature in your house has fallen to a dangerous level.
Water detectors need to be located where there are major concentrations of water devices.

When you are away on holidays, shut your water main off in the basement, drain your hot and cold, water pipes, flush your toilets and have some body visit your home on a regular basis.

If you cannot have somebody come and visit your home, then you need our technology.

Sump Pump Failure

Leak detection and some creative thinking could have helped to prevent this  flooded floor.

Commercial Applications

We can monitor all pipes, above ground holding tanks and any other vessels that contain a conductive liquid that pass through sensitive areas for leakage. Our sensors can detect the smallest of leaks in any section of pipe that we monitor directly. We can monitor a vertical riser as a group and detect water when a puddle forms rather than having a catastrophic failure come  cascading down the stairwell. We can monitor humidity levels in enclosed spaces and advise your team that there is an issue. We can let you know via which ever technology available in your building, be it Text Message, Email, or 3rd party monitoring. These technologies can be integrated into your BIM system, Card Access Control, Automation System, Security System. There is no longer an excuse for not knowing.

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